Cast Iron and Tin Kitchen Utensils

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Cast Iron Kitchen Items

Arcade No. 2 Lemon Squeezer

Arcade No. 2 Cast Iron, Wood and Ceramic Lemon Squeezer in good original condition with most of it's original finish intact. It is embossed around the top with "The Arcade No. 2 Lemon Squeezer". The main body is cast iron with a porcelain or ceramic tub insert in one handle and a wooden plunger mounted on the other.

Item No. 4076

Arcade Lemon Squeezer

 Manufactured by Arcade Mfg. Co. in Freeport, Illinois I would date this to the 20's or 30's. This squeezer is in very good all original condition and has a metal tub with a pour spout on one arm that is held in place with two thumb screws.  On the other handle is a plunger with a lid that drops down over the lemon to cover it while it's being squeezed.

Item No. 3899


Arcade Nut Cracker

This is a rare #9514 deco style nut cracker designed and manufactured by Arcade. It is embossed with "Arcade" on the interior of the bottom along with "Made in USA" It has a red wooden handle, along with red highlights on the stripes. It is spring loaded and uses a ratcheting motion when applying pressure to the nut. It is designed with three holes in the base to be used as mounting points. An original ad can be seen here.

Item No. 4059

String Holder / Dispenser

This is a Sensible cast iron string holder/dispenser which has a patent date of July 1895. It was originally black but was repainted silver at some time in it's life. It is complete with it's screw in cone holder rod which is missing on many of these. It is in as found condition and comes with the old cone of string as shown.

 Item No. 4062

Bill Spike Mt. Joy, PA

2742BillSpikesNOSA.JPG (38433 bytes)

While these are more a business rather than a kitchen item, bill spikes still have a place in today's kitchen. These are brand new, old stock bill spikes that were manufactured in Mt Joy, PA and date to somewhere around the 30's or 40's. They have a green cast iron base with a steel spike that screws in and measure 5 1/2" tall with a 2 3/8" diameter base. I have about 4 of these left, but you are only buying one at the price shown.

 Item No. 2742


Tin Kitchen Items

MTE & Co. Nutmeg Grater

This is a nutmeg grater manufactured by MTE & Co. in the late 1800's. It is made of nickel-plated metal with a spring loaded lid that holds the nutmeg against the grater wheel. The body of this one is in good shape with some areas of surface rust. This grater is sometimes referred to as "The Ever Ready"

 Item No.2980


Standard or Rajah Nutmeg Grater

Advertised in the 1885 Simmons Hardware catalog as the "Rajah" grater this nutmeg grater has a turned wood handle with a tin body. There is a spring loaded knob which is pulled back to load the nutmeg and maintains pressure against the grating wheel. In good condition with a few minor dents in the tin body. 6-1/8"

 Item No. 3574


Spring Arm Nutmeg Grater

Manufactured of cast iron, tin and wire this nutmeg grater has a wire arm with a disc at the end that is bent to hold the nutmeg against the tin grating disc. The grater is in good condition with some minor discoloration of the metal. This one still had a piece of nutmeg in the grater when I bought it and it will still be there when you receive it.

Item No. 3575


The Edgar Nutmeg Grater

2721TheEdgarNutmegGrater.JPG (46029 bytes)

This is a very old, handheld nutmeg grater with it's name, "The Edgar" and it's patent date of "Nov.10-1896" embossed on the spring-loaded  cylinder where the nutmeg is inserted. The spring keeps pressure on the nut as you slide it back and forth over the grater. It is in very good condition and the overall length measuring across the bar is 5 1/8".

Item No.2721



Silvers Triple Egg Poacher

This Silvers Brooklyn egg Poacher is made to sit in a pan of water and hold your eggs in place while they poach. It has three separate rings and a lever that is spring loaded to hold the rings down on the base. It is in good shape with some loss of the silver finish. It is embossed with the Silvers Trade mark on the handle.

 Item No. 4061

Cream Top Spoon

These were made as a giveaway back when the milkman was delivering milk that still had the cream on top. They were used by blocking off the neck of the old cream top milk bottles allowing you to pour the cream off the top or you could just scoop out a little with the spoon. They also have a nib at the curved end that allowed you to pry up the cardboard cap or lift the tab on the cap. Has some loss of  finish but overall in good condition. It is embossed "Cream Top" and also has two patent dates of 1924 and 25.

 Item No. 001